About Us

Late Professor Pabitra Kumar Sen, Emeritus Professor, Calcutta University founded “Seva-Bharati School of Living” in 1947.  Seva-Bharati is located in Kapgari. Read about Seva-Bharati.

We focus on grass-roots community and work on strengthening the human and scientific capital in order to facilitate local prosperity. Our approach is data driven. A community acquires and manages its own data. It shares data with other communities, state, national and internal entities as necessary to provide feedback to assist planning and development.

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Projects at different stages currently pursuing – 

  1. Social network for community based healthcare (MobileHealth) – published at Global Health conference – currently inactive.
  2. Computer Simulation of Micro-economic change (ECO) – active and soliciting funding
  3. Sharing agricultural extension experiences to other national and international village communities (SHAREX) – depends on project 2
  4. Business development in rural information technology (RURALIT) – depends on project 1, 2

Education and Research

Seva-Bharati has established primary, pre-basic, junior basic, secondary, higher secondary and degree college at Kapgari area . Also, established the Agricultural Research and Extension: Seva Bharati Krishi Kendra , University of Calcutta, Vidyasagar University, Kalyani University research and training collaboration – Bringing Science and Technology to rural environment.

Participation of People of the Area

Seva-Bharati and gram panchayets (village administration board) are intertwined.